Stereo+ has long been a leader in the retail industry, with an unparalleled history of innovation in the electronics field, Stereo+ is constantly evolving to better meet the needs of its customers.

It is in 1982 that Mr. Richard Roy decides to found his own franchise under the trademark "Stereo Plus". Mr. Richard Roy and the first five franchised merchants make up this young group that relies on innovative marketing to achieve success. Month after month, Stereo+ offers new events: 13-hour sale, 13 months without interest, Midnight Madness, Liquidation des manufacturiers d'électronique, etc. In 1990, Stereo+ even became the main sponsor of Céline Dion's Unison tour in Quebec.

The franchise's innovation was so popular that merchants from all regions of Quebec soon joined the team. The expansion even extends to Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and even British Columbia.

Stereo+ relies on the quality of its products and advice to establish its reputation. The quality of the staff, the services offered and the brands chosen quickly allowed the Stereo+ brand to establish itself in the electronics market. Renowned brands that, in many cases, are long-time partners.

Over the years and in response to new trends, Stereo+ has adapted its marketing to include home consultation and custom audio and video installation. This approach attracts an affluent clientele that has difficulty finding adequate solutions in big-box stores.

Through innovation, Stereo+ is developing its home automation skills so that its customers can enjoy the benefits of the smart home concept.

Stereo+ is much more than a simple electronics store, it is personalized advice, custom installations, a warm and attentive staff, a dynamic and professional team and MORE!